Beer Gardens, Bookings and Beautiful Flowers!

We can barely believe it is May already.  It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about Christmas and all our festive events.  But this week, we have been taking advantage of the unseasonable warm spell that we had and have been out in our garden areas having a spring clean.

With the nights now drawing out and more and more of that yellow ball in the sky shining down on us, we have switched to full on summer mode and have one thing on our minds…beer gardens!

As our visitors will know, we have an outdoor area to the side of our Inn that has benches and tables for you to sit at with a cold drink and lining this are hedges which we have been trimming back to make sure we get optimum growth. We have also added fencing to make it more secluded. To the back of our property, we have a little grassy area which is for our guests staying in our rooms.  We’ve pruned and cut and have been planning which plants to buy and where they should go all week and we’re very excited to see what we end up with.

And just between us and you, we also have a new enclosed garden area being completed so stay tuned for more information!

As always, we are ready for walkers, dog walkers and cyclists to pop by and all are welcome in our bar and restaurant.  If you are part of a local walking group and you would like to book a table for a particular expedition, please feel free to call us for our latest menus and availability.

If you are like us and your thought are already on the summer holidays, why not book our new Nelsons Nook for a long weekend?  We’ve been talking about it a lot and our recent guests have all given it glowing recommendations so we’re happy to say that our hard work has paid off!

Check out photos, information and availability here.