Burnham Market; A Hidden Gem in North Norfolk

Burnham Market is known as ‘the Chelsea of Norfolk’ by local people and it is easy to perceive why when you take a gander at the interesting little boutiques and exhibitions that line either side of the villages focal point, Burnham Green. Encompassed by nature reserves and lavish wide open countryside, Burnham Market has struck the harmony between keeping its Heritage and customary values and moving with the times as far as cuisine and shopping. Once in the past a flourishing livestock market town, there are throwbacks to it’s past with art fairs and Country Living events that feature the best of Norfolk’s craftsmanship and way of life

Burnham Market is brimming with public paths and walkways that offer a dazzling scene of Norfolk’s wealthiest farmland and horticulture, and fields of splendid yellow and purple blooms that line the River Burn and lead you along the best approach to Burnham Overy Staithe; where a treasure trove of salt marshes and sand dunes make for flawless birdwatching watching landscapes. Little fishing boats sway along the coastline, with plenty of wildlife to spot whilst you walk.

If you are looking for somewhere new to do a bit of retail therapy, Burnham Market has all that you need to feel settled once more. Calm boutiques without queues or hustle offer a serene shopping experience.

The Hat Shop is one of the towns sparkling stars since it opened in 1987 and offers each style of hat you can consider for each event; from top hats to baseball caps and everything in the middle. The Hat Shop is the ideal place to peruse for a gift or for yourself.

For stunning and unique retail items, Burnham Market has it all. Jack Wills has a flourishing store here, as does Collen and Claire, conveying the best in ‘Coastal Chic’ for both men and ladies. Searching for something novel to wear this season? Stop by Anna, and look at their range that has turned out to be so well known, they have even opened a shop in London!

With such a great amount to see and do in Burnham Market, there truly is just only one way to ensure you can do everything and that is by booking a weekend stay or midweek break so you can unwind and loosen up and take it the sublime surroundings of North Norfolk.

First recorded as a pub in 1685, The Nelson is set in the heart of Burnham Market and offers the finest quality food and drink, made from only the finest local sourced meat, fish and produce. Family and dog friendly, this little home from home is splendidly arranged on the intersection into Burnham Market and is just a short stroll away from the Green and boutiques.

You can check in to one of their nine recently restored rooms, each one individually decorated and designed with comfort in mind so you can be prepared for what the following day of your stay has in store for you or you can simply pop in for lunch or supper and a drink while yoy wax lyrical about your days adventures.

To discover more about The Nelson goto our home page and take a look round!