Proud to Sponsor Robbie As He Goes for World Record

You may have seen in yesterday’s Lynn News that a local man from Gaywood in King’s Lynn is attempting a bike world record.  

Robbie Ferri is taking on one of the world’s toughest ultra-endurance races, the fifth annual Transcontinental Race and at the same time is going for a world record!  In preparation, he has been taking to his saddle every week and heading off to a different destination, most recently Brighton and the Lake District to push himself to the limits.  The race itself will be unsupported, so it will be down to Robbie, his legs and the contents of a single bag to get him through to the finish line and hopefully, the World Record title.

Some of the countries he will be cycling through include Belgium, Germany, Italy, Solvakia, Romania and Greece and we cannot wait to see his photos and hear his progress as he makes his way through Europe.  Covering 200 – 250 miles every day of the race, he will also need to stop to eat and fill up on a whopping 5000 calories per day to fuel himself on!

We will be sharing his posts over the course of his race which begins on July 28th and officially finishes on August 16th however, Robbie has told us that the winner will be expected as early as 7-10 days into the race and we are hoping that we will see Robbie in that time frame too!  If cycling is something you enjoy then this is a race that you should be interested in!

We’re very happy and proud to say that we are one of Robbie’s sponsors and we are backing him all the way to the finish line.  We have been sharing his progress on our Twitter and Facebook pages and we are very excited to see him set off on his attempt and there will be a nice cold pint and a hot meal waiting for him on his return!

Good Luck Robbie from all of us here at The Nelson!