Robbie Ferri Acchieves World Record!

You may have seen a lot about Robbie Ferri on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the last few months and you may be wondering why.

Robbie is a local lad, a regular in our pub and an all-round lovely guy, so when he approached us to ask if we would like to sponsor him on a World Record Cycling attempt, we said yes immediately.
His North Norfolk Cycling Tours business has always dropped by to us with their clients and we wanted to show our support and appreciation.

This was his second attempt at a world record; last year he attempted the ‘Cycle Five Countries in 24 Hours’ record, however it was cut short due to a knee injury and he had to abort halfway through. This did not hold him back though, and as soon as he was recovered, he hot the track again and started working for ‘Most Countries Cycled in Seven Days’ and in September this year, he completed it hitting a total of 12 countries (beating the previous holders 11.

Starting in Poland, he rode through Eastern Europe and after clocking in an impressive 250 miles on his last day, he ended in Germany with just 45 mins to spare!
He hit a set back after bad weather caused him to fall ill, but he persevered, and we are glad he did.

“I lost 12 hours in the end and I woke up thinking there was going to be a high chance of not making it. Without the problems I could have definitely been able to do the 14. I know my level of fitness.”

Robbie will be attempting a third record next year and we are happy to tell him that if he needs us to sponsor him again, we will be there with him all the way!
Robbie has a successful YouTube channel, where you can follow his progress on his latest attempt and can watch back all the highs and lows of his last two attempts and he runs his own cycling blog too, so if you need inspiration to get that bike out of the shed and get pedalling, Robbie is your guy!
Check out Robbie and his cycling at the links below, or to meet the man himself, pop into our pub as he is sure to be there at some point! (personal website)
@ltdrf (Twitter)